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Institute of Materials for Energy and Environment (IMEE) of Qingdao University which was established in 2015 is the university directly affiliated institute. Energy and environmental materials as the main research topics of IMEE and the institute is a research team aiming at the country's major needs. The main research area includes advanced secondary batteries, supercapacitors, new energy materials, catalytic materials, nano-materials and application of electrochemistry. IMEE now has a space of about 800 m2 (will be expanded to 2000 m2 in three years) with many advanced equipment (such as SEM, TEM, Raman, IR, XRD and XPS) costing about 20 million RMB. Now the research team has a strong research background consisted of famous professors and young scientists, including two “Taishan Scholars”, 7 professors of Qingdao University and 30 postgraduate students. Among them, one professor is selected as the excellent of the new century by Ministry of Education.

Missions of IMEE:

• To carry out cutting-edge scientific research and widely disseminate scientific research;

• To cultivate students and provide good working and studying environment for the young people;

• To sever needs of local, provincial and national developments.

We believe that our comprehensive research platform and fair and open scientific research environment can guarantee the achievement of our mission. The Institute is trying its best to create suitable atmosphere for the career development of the talents.

IMEE plans to recruit all levels of talent in 2018. Specific requirements and related treatment are as follows:

I. Talent level

1.    “Chang Jiang Scholars” and “Winners of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars” as the chair professor and the head of the discipline.

2.    “Taishan Scholar” as the group leader to organize the research team in IMEE

3.    Qingdao University specially appointed professor level 3. The candidate with good academic record can lead the research group in IMEE.

II. Requirements

1. PhD degree.

2. The background is chemistry, materials science, physics, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, and other related disciplines.

3. The academic achievement of the candidate can meet the above talent level.

4. Healthy. The chair professor in principal should be under the age of 50. The candidate for Qingdao University specially appointed professor level 1 to 3 should be younger than 50.

III. Benefits

Successful candidate can enjoy a competitive package and details can refer to the relevant policy on the HR website.

IV. Application documents

Applicants should send the documents, including the resume, award certificate, Qingdao University performance evaluation table (attached), to the email “”

V. Interview and appointment

The hiring committee will evaluate the received applications and notice the potential candidate for an interview within 3 weeks after receiving the documents.

About IMEE

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IMEE, Qingdao University

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