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ZHANG Lian Ying

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Lian Ying Zhang was born in July 1986. He received PhD degree in 2014 from Institute for Clean Energy and Advanced Materials (ICEAM), Southwest University, under the supervision of Prof. Chang Ming Li (Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering). After working in ICEAM as lecturer and postdoctor in Prof. Chang Ming Li’s group for two years, he joined Institute of Materials for Energy and Environment (IMEE), Qingdao University, as an associate professor in Prof. Xiu Song Zhao’s group in 2016. His current research interests focus on advanced nanomaterials for electrochemical applications such as electrocatalysis, energy storage and conversion. Up to date, he has 4 patents and over 20 papers published in Advanced Energy Materials, Nano Energy, etc.


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