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Neware Battery Testing system

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Neware Battery Testing system

1.  Instrument manufacturer and model:Shenzhen Neware Electronics Co., Ltd.,BTS-4000

2.   The Voltage Range of Constant Voltage Control: 25 mV~5 V

Minimum discharge voltage: 0 V

Current response time: Maximum current rise time 1 ms

Maximum output power of single channel: 0.05 W

Stability:± 0.1% of  FS

3.   Data Recording Conditions

Minimum interval time:100 ms

Minimum interval voltage:10 mV

Recording frequency:10 Hz

4.   Charging mode: constant current charging, constant voltage charging, constant current and constant voltage charging, constant power charging

Cut-off conditions: voltage, current, relative time, capacity、-△V

Discharge mode: constant current discharge, constant power discharge, constant resistance discharge

Cut-off conditions: voltage, current, relative time, capacity

5.   Cyclic Test Range:1~65535 cycles

Single cycle step number:254

Cyclic nesting: with nested loop function, maximum support for three-tier nesting

6.   Protection:(1)Power down data protection

                        (2)Offline test function

                        (3Safety protection conditions can be set. Setting parameters include: voltage upper limit, voltage lower limit, current upper limit, current lower limit, capacity upper limit, delay time

7.   IP protection level:Protection level IP202

8.   Channel characteristics:Constant Current Source and Constant Voltage Source adopt Double Closed Loop Structure

9.   Channel control mode:Independent control

10.  Voltage and Current Detection Sampling:Four wire connection

11.  Noise:<85dB

12.  Database:Centralized management of test data using MySQL database

13.  Upper computer communication mode:Based on TCP/IP protocol

14.  Server Operating System:Windows 7

15.  Data Output Mode:EXCEL2003,2010、TXT

16.  Server Disk Configuration:500 GB

17.  Communication interface:Mesh port

18.  Leakage current:0.0000005 mA

19.  Working temperature range:0℃~40℃(in the Range of 25±10℃,guarantee Measurement Accuracy:Accuracy Drift 0.005% of FS /℃)

   Storage temperature range:-10℃~50℃

   Relative humidity range of working environment:≤70% RH(No condensation of water vapor)

   Relative humidity range of storage environment:≤80% RH(No condensation of water vapor)

20.  Fixture type:Button battery clamp

Person in charge: Dr. Binghui Xu


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