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Three post-graduate students are subsidized by IMEE to attend an overseas academic conference and win one award

  Date:25/09/2018 11:48 Clicks:

Subsidized by the world-Class Discipline Program of Shandong Province, our Ph.D candidate Mr. Chao Wang, Master students Mr. Meng Feng and Ms. Xi Xu attended 2018 Asia-Pacific Energy Storage and Conversion Conference (APEnergy2018) and made poster report. Mr. Chao Wang won the Best Poster Award in this great conference.

    APEnergy2018 was held by Nanyang Technological University (NTU)18-20 July at Singapore. Word-class experts on energy storage and conversion field are invited to make conference report, including Academician Zhongqun Tian from Xiamen University, Professor Bruce Dunn from University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), Professor Xiusong Zhao from Qingdao University et. al. The challenges, opportunities and the development of the related fields are deeply discussed in this great event. IMEE encourages our students to attend high-level academic conferences, aiming to widen the horizons of scientific research and enhance the enthusiasm of scientific career.



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