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Supercapacitor lab

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The supercapacitor is based on the electrolyte ion to form an electric double layer (double layer supercapacitor) at the electrolyte / electrode interface or a highly reversible chemical adsorption-desorption / redox reaction (pseudostructure supercapacitor) on the surface of the electrode material to achieve charge storage , resulting in better power density, cycle life and reliability than lithium-ion batteries. Aiming to improve the energy density of supercapacitors and to develop high-performance electrode materials and supercapacitor devices, the research includes:

1. High-performance carbon materials, including the development of biomass technology, microstructure controllable activation technology, three-dimensional carbon material design process, heterogeneous atomic doping technology;

2. Development of high-performance pseudo-capacitance electrode materials, such as conductive polymers, transition metal compounds;

3. Design of high specific energy and specific power asymmetric / hybrid Supercapacitor;

4. Design of lithium / sodium ion supercapacitor devices.


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