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The advanced materials lab

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New materials lab is committed to the development of nano-materials and new energy materials, focusing on areas including carbon nanomaterials, energy storage materials and high-throughput materials with calculation, synthesis and testing technologies. The development of new materials provides technical support. Aiming to solve the key problems in the new material and new energy system, the lab strives to become the research collaborative innovation hub and support platform for the new materials development.

The following topics are the main focus of the lab:

1. Preparation and application of carbon nanomaterials, including controllable preparation, modification and assembly of graphene and carbon nanotubes;

2. Preparation of graphene-like nanomaterials, including MoS2, WS2, BN and so on;

3. Research on multifunctional composites, such as nano-functional materials which include smart materials, optoelectronic materials, hydrogen storage materials, membrane materials, etc;

4. Design and simulation of new energy and environmental materials.

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