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The electrocatalysis lab

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Fuel cell (Fuel Cell) is a device which can directly convert chemical energies into electricity with high efficiency and low impact to the environment. The power generation efficiency of fuel cells can be up to 40% to 60%. If the fuel cell work under the state of the heat generated to be used to achieve combined heat and power, integrated energy efficiency is up to 80%. The working principles of fuel cells is described as follows:

H2 is splitted into H+ and e-,then H+ passes through the electrolyte and react with O2 at the cathode side. e passes through the external load circuit.

Fuel cell has the advantages of high safety, flexibility in fuels and high efficiency, becoming an important part of the new energy field.The fuel cell research at IMEE mainly focuses on the development of high perfromance fuel cell devices with novel electrode and electrolyte materials.

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