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The catalysis and adsorption lab

  Date:01/04/2023 10:21 Clicks:

 The design, preparation and development of new materials is the key of catalytic and adsorption applications. Aiming to understand the important process of petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry and environmental protection field, the development of multiphase and homogeneous catalysis, biomimetic catalysis, adsorption of new materials and preparation methods, and in-depth understanding of catalytic and adsorption mechanism will be carried out at the catalysis and adsorption lab. Specific research includes:

1. New catalytic and adsorption materials: nano carbon with multi-pore structure, rare earth oxides, 2D-materials;

2. C1 small molecule catalytic transformation: CH4 catalytic activation, F-T synthesis, CO2 catalytic conversion;

3. Environmental catalysis: Catalytic purification of automobile exhaust gas, catalytic combustion of PM particulate matter, water pollution treatment;

4. Photocatalysis: photodegradation of water, photodegradation of organic pollutants;

5. Organic catalysis: catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons, catalytic selection of hydrogenation, organic metal synthesis;

6. Adsorption: CO2 adsorption, CH4 adsorption, pollutant adsorption and its mechanism.

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