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IMEE supports young faculties and postgraduate students to participate the International Symposium on Energy Materials, WILEY-Soochow University

  Date:01/01/2019 20:50 Clicks:

   With the financial support from the Institute of Materials for Energy and Environment (IMEE), associate professor Haichao Chen, and postgraduate students Chenghao Huang and Mengjie Zhang participated the International Symposium on Energy Materials, WILEY-Soochow University.

   The theme of International Symposium on Energy Materials, WILEY-Soochow University is “Energy Storage, Transformation and Catalysis”. The symposium, which was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on December 21-23, 2018, was sponsored by the school of energy of Soochow university, and hosted by WILEY publishing group and Institute of energy and material innovation of Soochow university,. The symposium focused on the exchange of high-level academic achievements and the discussion of cutting-edge hot issues, which discussed current hot issues in the field of new energy materials, aiming to build a platform for exchange and cooperation, and to promote the development of discipline construction and scientific and technological innovation. During the symposium, WILEY editors introduced their journals on energy materials, including Advanced Materials, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Advanced Energy Materials and Small.

   IMEE fully supports young faculty members and postgraduates to participate high-level scientific research and academic activities, which expanded students' vision and provided support for their growth and development.

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