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Eight students from our school successfully passed the entrance examination for doctoral students in prestigious universities

  Date:29/06/2022 16:18 Clicks:

Recently, various colleges and universities have successively announced the 2022 doctoral admissions admission list. A total of 8 students in our school (Tian Jiang, Siyuan Ma, Chenxi Wang, Feng Zhang, Changfei Huang, ianyu Chen J, Yangyang Wang, Xiaomin Meng) have passed the application assessment method, and have been accepted by Southeast University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhengzhou University, Sichuan University, East China University of Science and Technology, Fudan University respectively. University, Northwest University, Tongji University and other famous universities, admitted as doctoral students.

In recent years, our school has implemented a strategy of improving the quality of postgraduate training, focusing on the cultivation of postgraduate research and innovation capabilities. The postgraduate training process is scientifically refined, the training quality is improving day by day, national scholarships and high-level scientific research achievements for postgraduates are constantly emerging, the academic research atmosphere is strong, and the academic interests of postgraduates are greatly stimulated.

It is understood that in recent years, my country's doctoral admissions system has been comprehensively reformed. Many high-level research universities in China have adopted the application assessment system and direct doctoral system for doctoral admissions. The entry threshold for doctoral students has been raised, and the competition has become increasingly fierce. Students applying for doctoral degrees from these high-level universities need not only strong scientific research potential, but also high-level scientific research results to be published. Many students of our school have been admitted to famous universities for doctoral students, which is a full recognition of our school's graduate training model and the quality of training. of high certainty.

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